The Franklin County Arts Alliance brings to life in Franklin County the ARTS. In its many forms, the arts exist in every community, every culture, and every country. Our culture is our natural human behavior. How we communicate through words and actions shapes our culture. Our Cultural Arts is simply who we are.

Through the Arts we communicate and express our thoughts, ideas and visions. Through the Arts we experience healing. The Arts in every form offer our minds a time to reflect and appreciate what is presented before us. It inspires emotions and the Arts provide a place of release for our energies and creativities.

Our Cultural Arts tell our story as a community. We choose what is important in our lives to share with others. Our values, our beliefs and our identity are chronicled through our story as we celebrate our history sharing it with others.

Each of the Arts bring together our community in working groups, sharing their life experiences with participation in theatre, choirs, music, dance, pottery, art, painting, jewelry and many other media.